Parents Coming To Town? 5 Tips To Get Ready For Company!

Parents just don't understand

Your parents subtly inquiring about your life

Your apartment is your sanctuary. Your place of refuge from the hard knock world outside those well-dressed, crown-molded windows. A small nook you’ve carved out for you, yourself and only those worthy enough to enter and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Nothing can burst the As-Is section of IKEA bubble you dwell so comfortably in… nothing except a visit from the parentals.

When your parents decide to “stop by” for a few days, the scramble to make your place parent-proof and the effort to provide them with the best experience possible should be considered an Olympic sport. Of course you want them to believe you’ve got it all under control even though you haven’t made your bed since moving in and you’ve been using napkins you’ve been saving from Crown Fried Chicken as toilet paper for weeks. The judgement you are bracing your fragile world for can be easily avoided with some simple hacks that will fool any parent into believing you’ve somehow become at least a semi-responsible adult.

First, let’s clean

Now, where did I put those cleaning supplies?

Now, where did I put those cleaning supplies?

You have a beautiful hardwood floor begging to be seen. You also have a lovely backsplash in your kitchen suffocating under months of bacon grease build up. Where should you begin? The best approach is to prioritize. Wunderlist is great app you can use to organize your day. Whether you want to start with scrubbing the plasma-like film that’s developed on all your kitchen surfaces or gathering the tumbleweeds of hair blowing about your apartment, you’ll be able to confidently and efficiently make time for everything you have to get done. As an added bonus, maybe you’ll finally find your cat. Hopefully, she’s still alive.

Entertain them!


Now, you have to plan an entertaining evening for your parents that doesn’t involve taking them to a bar basement to watch your improv show. Show them you have sophisticated taste. Prove to them that you don’t judge wine solely on it’s ABV and that you’ve eaten at a restaurant without styrofoam containers. Like A Local will help you find so many fun and parent-appropriate things to do in your city. You can give them a culture-packed tour of your neighborhood like a pro. They’ll believe you’ve been out and about socializing and networking all summer rather than vegging out in your apartment watching Family Feud re-runs.

Reduce friction

“With great responsibility of family, comes great drama”, some smart guy somewhere said one time. When families comes together, the potential for a world war increases exponentially. As the host, it is your responsibility to defuse any bombs. Awkward conversations about why you and your live-in partner aren’t married yet are seemingly unavoidable. But you can avoid confrontations with the folks by avoiding tension. To help keep the climate moderate, reduce friction by making sure the logistics run as smoothly as possible. Know when to pick your parents up at they airport with TripCase. They can share all of their flight info with you so you’re on time picking them up. Happy parents means no screaming match about how irresponsible you are and how you shouldn’t have gone to a Liberal Arts college.

Have a place to copy keys near you

And when you’ve all finally had enough of each other, a place to copy keys near you (like KeyMe) can offer a perfect solution. Give them the opportunity to go about freely so they can explore and you can decompress and re-evalute your life choices. It’s secure and easy to use. Just…make sure you get your keys back before they leave. Don’t know where to copy keys near you? Click the link to find your kiosk!

Take plenty of selfies!

Parents driving you nuts? Have a place to copy keys near you so they can go off on their own!

Sure, they’re nerds, but be nice. You’ll be just like them someday!

Lastly, just enjoy being with your parents. As much as you want to prove to them you’re a grown-up, they’ll always see you as their kid no matter how many sections are in your sofa or how many TedX talks you’ve been to. So feel free to bask in the feeling that your mom and dad are here and take plenty of selfies with them. They’ll LOVE that.