A Day in the Life Working at KeyMe

Happy Tuesday! Today, we thought we’d unlock the doors of our office and let you take a peek at a typical day working at KeyMe.

The day of work begins at KeyMe

Early morning is the general time for people to roll out of bed into a fancy “KeyMe” t-shirt. Unless, of course, they just slept in the office. NOT UNUSUAL.

A few key duplication experts

The engineers arrive to check up on our key duplication kiosks and operating systems. Programmers start their coding for the mobile app, the business team begin checking their emails, and the reviewers start reviewing keys…Oh, and coffee. LOTS OF COFFEE!

Working at KeyMe is a multi-faceted process

Pandora is blasting either techno or classic rock as we all bob our heads in unison. If this is a Tuesday, things REALLY pick up because weekly groceries are delivered! Hummus and Hot Pockets!

Lunch time at KeyMe

FOOD! Korean barbecue, halal, salads, wraps!

The team at KeyMe

The mail orders are shipped out, and everything else is rolling as usual.

Working at KeyMe is tiring!

Sometimes you just need a nap.

If it’s a Friday, you can usually hear the call of our CEO beckoning us to have our weekly beer on the roof! If it’s not a Friday…well, grab a beer anyway. Once the day is done, it’s safe to say we play as hard as we work. That is, until it gets late and we have to drag ourselves to bed for the next day. And the next day. And the next day….

We are always looking for the best, brightest minds in robotics, engineering, marketing and more. If you want to learn more about employment at KeyMe, visit us today!