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Kiosk Brain: How Our Key Copying Machines Learn

<<Find Your Key Copying Kiosk Now And See For Yourself!>> You may have used one of our key copying machines before, but did you know that these machines operate in a very similar fashion to the human brain? When scanning and digitally decoding your house keys, our kiosks use two primary processes that mirror how the human brain functions - computer vision and neural networks. Our computer vision technology allows the kiosk to scan and recognize your key using ... Continue Reading

How to Kill the Roommate Drama Before It Starts

Roommate Drama
We’ve all had them. We’ve all lived with them. You may have one in your house right now. Whether you currently live with roommates or just moved in into a new place, you probably know the hassle of roommate drama. Those more experienced than us tell us what to prepare for, warn us to set the rules and boundaries from the start and never share food. The list of commandments does not stop at ten. But this is the  digital age, where technology seems to have answers to most of the ... Continue Reading