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Meet Moley, The Robotic Chef

Robotic chef
As anyone who has ever worked in the restaurant industry can tell you, working in a kitchen isn’t for the faint of heart. You work long hours, the heat is unbearable, customers expect the food to magically appear in front of them in minutes, and you need to display grace under pressure (to put it lightly) dealing with your equally stressed coworkers. It’s a demanding job to be sure. Some days it can feel like you have to be a machine in order to fend off the exhaustion and keep up. ... Continue Reading

We Don’t Recommend Breaking Into Your Own Car But Here’s How Anyway

Look, nobody is perfect. You worked 4 hours of overtime last night (surely you weren’t partying because you are responsible. Yeah, that’s it.) and the morning just isn’t going the way you would like. You’re in a fog. You have a nagging sense that you’re forgetting something. No, you’re pretty sure you have everything. Time to go to work and ...oh C’mon! You locked your keys in the car. You were doing so well but here we are. Sorry Ice Cube, but today is NOT a good day.   ... Continue Reading