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The Keys to Super Bowl LII

  This Sunday, February 4th is the annual Super Bowl, America’s greatest sporting and entertainment spectacle. Well over 100 million people are expected to tune in this weekend to watch the New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. To get into the spirit, KeyMe is currently offering 50% off Super Bowl team keys. Whether you are an Eagles or Patriots fan, you can support your team for less when you use Promo Code: SBLII at checkout. ... Continue Reading

Tips & Tools To Prevent Motorcycle Theft

As we have shown in previous posts about motorcycle theft, stealing a motorcycle is relatively easy if you know what you are doing. Preventing it requires the savvy bike owner to outsmart the common thief. This is especially true if you happen to be the unlucky owner of one of the most commonly stolen bikes. Continue Reading

How To Prevent Lost Motorcycle Keys

The wide open highway. Devil without a cause. Let’s face it; motorcycles are absurdly cool and few things compare. But some days, try as you might, you look less like James Dean and more like Rick Moranis. Never is this more true than when you have lost your motorcycle keys. Lost motorcycle keys provide a whole host of inconveniences. Not only can you not start your motorcycle and get where you need to go, but replacing it can cost hundreds of dollars. What a nightmare. Lu... Continue Reading

How To Prevent Lost Snowmobile Keys

We’ve all had those moments where we look back on them and share them with friends as an example of an absurd situation that you can laugh at now. Of course, the catch is it usually takes months or years to get to laughing about it because of how much time and money that little anecdote cost you in the moment. And if you've ever lost snowmobile keys, you know exactly what we're talking about. If you’ve never lost the keys to your snowmobile, consider yourself lucky, because it is ... Continue Reading

How to Prevent Lost RV Keys

  Sometimes life hits you with a double whammy--when problem that, on its own, would be disruptive enough to your life gets compounded. Think about the last time you got locked out of your car. Pretty frustrating right? But believe it or not, as bad as lost car keys are, it could get worse. Lost RV keys. Now that's worse. Think about it: you are on vacation with your family. Not only are you stuck in one place, but your plan for lodging is as lost as your keychain. Not to ... Continue Reading

How to Prevent Lost Boat Keys

  At one point or another, we’ve all lost our keys. With any luck, someone is home to let you in or maybe you had to go through the ordeal of dealing with a locksmith. If you have, you know what that experience is like. Worse, maybe you’ve lost your car keys. There’s no feeling like being stranded! But let’s up the ante a little bit here. Let’s get into a real nightmare scenario that’ll put you into a cold sweat. You just dropped your boat keys into the water. Ho... Continue Reading

3 Types of Motorcycle Theft (And How To Prevent Them)

  Check out our Motorcycle Theft infographic to see the most stolen bikes by manufacturer and more! In their 2015 Forecast Report “2015 Motorcycle Theft & Recovery,” the National Insurance Crime Bureau painted a picture of motorcycle theft that, while increasing only 6% nationally, is on the rise in many American cities. New York City experienced a 30% increase in crime over 2014. Los Angeles County led California, a state that led the nation in thefts, with over 7,000. ... Continue Reading

KeyMe Comes to Denver: Where to Find Us

  We’re all familiar with Silicon Valley and how the area is synonymous with tech. But, they don’t have a monopoly on innovation. More cities across the United States are starting to see tech booms of their own for a variety of reasons. One of those cities is Denver, Colorado. For several years now, Denver has been considered one of the premier cities for startups and entrepreneurs looking to get a new business off the ground. A tech-savvy population and a burgeoning tech ... Continue Reading

KeyMe Comes to San Diego: Where to Find Us

When writing about technology it can be easy to divorce the subject from what we’re really talking about: people. Technology gets developed to improve people’s lives. It also makes them passionate and makes them more productive members of the workforce. Inspiring people to do their best is kind of the magic X factor when it comes to startup culture. Getting enough like minded people to fill a company is impressive. But filling a city with enough talented tech workers to create an entire ... Continue Reading

How Will the Touchscreen Evolve in 2017?

It isn’t hyperbole to say the touchscreen is the dominant interface of both the present and foreseeable future. Until we reach our sci-fi goals of holograms that respond dynamically to touch (and are the main interface of our intergalactic battleships, naturally) the touchscreen will remain the leader in the market of input device technology. Touchscreens power nearly everything we interact with on a daily basis. Obviously, our phones are the biggest example. Tablets and smartwatches make ... Continue Reading