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#PhoneKeysWallet: The Making of a Mnemonic Device

A distant ex of mine would make the sign of the cross every time he left the house. He wasn’t deeply religious or scared of getting hit by a bus. He was reciting the classic “spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch” before leaving the apartment to always remember his keys. It was bemusing since he didn’t wear glasses or a watch and he forgot his keys at least once a month. He told me he learned this from his grandfather, but he’s the kind of person who gained most of his knowledge ... Continue Reading

Why Transponder Car Keys Cost So Much, Explained

There may be some things we want to forget about the 1990s (Dial-up? Crystal Pepsi? JNCOs??), but the decade did give birth to many technologies that we use today: the World Wide Web. MP3 Players. Transponder car keys. “Wait, what’s a transponder car key, and how is that important to me?” The transponder key, a technology originally developed during World War II using radio frequencies to determine if incoming aircraft was friendly or hostile, suddenly became a major necessity ... Continue Reading