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KeyMe Key Copying Kiosks Get Technology Update

Our new key copying kiosks are faster, more accurate, and more autonomous than ever before, can support thousands of new key types, and have several exciting new features, including some firsts in the kiosk space. On the digital imaging side, as our original key duplication kiosks aged and spent more and more time in the retail environment, we identified a number of hardware constraints that were limiting our camera’s ability to identify certain keys, primarily due to accumulated dirt, ... Continue Reading

KeyMe Kiosks Arrive at Tom Thumbs for Key Duplication near Dallas, TX

key duplication near Dallas @ Tom Thumb
May 12, 2015 New York, NY – KeyMe, the rapidly growing company that is revolutionizing the key duplication industry, today announced an agreement with Tom Thumb that will place the company’s new retail kiosks at select locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The kiosks make frustrating and expensive lockouts a thing of the past by enabling customers to safely store a “digital copy” of their keys in the cloud and easily create a spare copy at their local Tom Thumb in under 30 seconds. ... Continue Reading