Ensuring the Security of Your Keys

Your key is just like a password. Instead of numbers and letters, the depth and spacing of the key’s teeth control access. This information can be recorded or copied by anyone with access to the key. To protect yourself, only share keys with people you trust. Assume that anyone with access to your key can use or copy it.

An article on Wired this morning highlighted the danger of letting your keys out of your hands and displaying them publicly given the potential for thieves to replicate these keys using a variety of methods. This is a pertinent reminder that it’s important to be prudent in how you manage your keys.

To ensure the security of your keys, we recommend the following best practices:

First, keep your keys out of sight. Whether it’s your pocket, purse, or drawer, don’t let anyone you don’t trust see them. Wearing keys on the outside of your pants, placing them on a table top in plain view, or giving to a valet provides the potential for unauthorized access.

Second, if your key is lost or compromised, be proactive in changing your lock. When you move into a new home or apartment, take the time to change the keys.

Our mission at KeyMe is to fundamentally change the way millions of people make and manage their keys by delivering unsurpassed convenience, value, and security. Thousands of people store and copy their keys with us daily. Safeguarding our customer’s information is our company’s top priority and we have a number of processes in place to ensure the safety of this data:

  • Scanning Keys: KeyMe’s scanning process is designed to strictly prevent any use of flyby pictures. Keys can only be scanned when placed on a white piece of paper and taken from 4 inches away. Furthermore, we require that users scan both sides of the key.
  • We Keep as Little Information as Possible: we do not store information which could be used to link your key with a location or lock. If you mail-order keys from us, we delete shipping information immediately after successful fulfillment.
  • Secure Transactions: we use Stripe, one of the leading payment gateways, to manage all credit card transactions. KeyMe purposely does not have access to your credit card information.
  • Fingerprint Authentication: we require fingerprint authentication to print keys at our kiosk, providing a convenient, secure, and non-transferable login method.
  • Email Notifications: anytime there is key making activity on your account, we send email alerts to our customers. This keeps users up to date and prevents any fraudulent activity.

Our team is working relentlessly to deliver an amazing service to our customers. We are hungry for feedback and would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us for more information, by emailing us at support@key.me or by calling 888-380-0394.


Greg Marsh

CEO, KeyMe