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How To Save & Access Your Keys

Getting locked out is a nightmare. Seriously, we wouldn’t wish this mess on our worst enemy. That’s why KeyMe has created two solutions to help you avoid getting locked out ever again. Locked out and need to find a locksmith? KeyMe offers a vetted, reputable directory of local locksmiths on call across the country. Visit www.key.me/locksmiths or call 855-343-5776. Once you get back into your home or vehicle, ensure this never happens again by saving your key at a key copy kiosk near you. If you are ever locked out, recover your key using just a fingerprint. Here, you can find guides on finding a safe, reliable mobile locksmith, what to do if you get locked out and how to recover your keys.

We Don’t Recommend Breaking Into Your Own Car But Here’s How Anyway

Look, nobody is perfect. You worked 4 hours of overtime last night (surely you weren’t partying because you are responsible. Yeah, that’s it.) and the morning just isn’t going the way you would like. You’re in a fog. You have a nagging sense that you’re forgetting something. No, you’re pretty sure you have everything. Time to go to work and ...oh C’mon! You locked your keys in the car. You were doing so well but here we are. Sorry Ice Cube, but today is NOT a good day.   ... Continue Reading

The Murtaugh List: Things To Avoid If You Want to Become a Real Adult

Adulting is hard. Sometimes we just “can’t even”. How are you supposed to know if you're doing it right? Does your supervisor respect you even though you’ve clearly worn the same navy blue blazer to work for 3 days straight. Who has more than one blazer, anyway? Are your parents going to trust your life choices when you bring home your new 35-year-old boyfriend who beatboxes in a punk ska band? Absolutley not. The gang on "How I Met Your Mother" started the trend of creating ... Continue Reading
Lost your keys partying? Our key duplication kiosk can help.

How To Survive A Hangover Disaster

We have all been there a time or two. Disoriented. Head pounding. “What happened last night?!” As we are constantly looking for ways to help our customers--even the ones who drink too much on occasion--we thought we’d poll our team for the worst morning-after stories and we discovered that the worst hangovers typically accompany a loss of one of three items—your phone, your wallet/purse and, of course, your keys. This holy trinity proves once and for all that not all hangov... Continue Reading

Winning: The Top 5 KeyMe Lockout Success Stories

Getting locked out is pretty devastating. So when you can solve a lockout without having to shell out for an expensive 24 hour locksmith, there is only one word to describe that...WINNING! When KeyMe solves a lockout, our customers don’t just write us a pleasant note. They gush. They’re ecstatic. They call in to thank us personally. Solving lockouts makes us proud and reminds us why KeyMe was created. This week, we’re posting the Top 5 most inspiring notes we’ve received from our ... Continue Reading