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girl-holding-key house key category header copy Whether you’re moving in, living with a roommate or having some guests over, managing your keys can be a hassle. Losing your house keys and getting locked out can make it worse. We’re here to help! Make copies of keys right from local retailers. While you’re there, save and share your keys from the kiosk, or using our mobile app. Learn how using the guides below. If you have any questions, use the chat panel at the bottom of your screen.

These Are The 15 Coolest Keychains in History

Everyone loves a good gadget. Sometimes it feels like you’ve seen it all. But what’s old can always be made new again. And that’s lucky for us, because there’s some cool stuff out there that you didn’t realize you needed until you saw it. Take the humble keychain. The simple ring serves a practical function. You don’t need a pocket full of loose keys. You could lose them. As you know, losing your keys can cause you a world of hurt. If only there was an app of some kind that lets ... Continue Reading

10 Reasons Your Landlord Probably Hates You (And How to Prevent Them)

Ah, landlords. Not to pick on any landlords that happen to be reading this, but the average person probably doesn’t have very positive thoughts when they hear that word. Now, granted, landlords are people, too. Tenants and landlords need to have an understanding in order to have a pleasant living experience for as long as you hold those apartment keys. We’ve all had horror stories no matter what side of the equation we fall on. However, and this may come as a shock to you, you may be ... Continue Reading
Find your perfect NYC apartment. Then get spare keys!

10 Tips for Finding a Great NYC Apartment (In Half The Time)

Today's post comes to us from the folks at Oliver. Oliver is a great new service that gives you access to no-fee apartment listings directly from landlords and property management companies. As the guys at Oliver are seasoned experts in finding apartments, we asked them for their best tips to share with our customers. We hope you enjoy! And be sure to check out Oliver today at getoliver.com. When it comes to apartment tips, we’ve literally heard them all. We’ve tried our best to put ... Continue Reading
Do Not Duplicate keys

The Myth of ‘Do Not Duplicate’ Keys

You have probably seen keys that are stamped 'Do Not Duplicate.' We want to set the record straight on this very important issue in our industry and offer some more secure options. Myth: “Do Not Duplicate” keys are more secure than regular keys. The first thing to note here is that the 'Do Not Duplicate' marking is meaningless.  It is just text stamped on a key. Nothing about the key is more secure or different from a regular key.  In fact, typically keys stamped “DND” are ... Continue Reading

#PhoneKeysWallet: The Making of a Mnemonic Device

A distant ex of mine would make the sign of the cross every time he left the house. He wasn’t deeply religious or scared of getting hit by a bus. He was reciting the classic “spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch” before leaving the apartment to always remember his keys. It was bemusing since he didn’t wear glasses or a watch and he forgot his keys at least once a month. He told me he learned this from his grandfather, but he’s the kind of person who gained most of his knowledge ... Continue Reading
Roommate Drama

How to Kill the Roommate Drama Before It Starts

We’ve all had them. We’ve all lived with them. You may have one in your house right now. Whether you currently live with roommates or just moved in into a new place, you probably know the hassle of roommate drama. Those more experienced than us tell us what to prepare for, warn us to set the rules and boundaries from the start and never share food. The list of commandments does not stop at ten. But this is the  digital age, where technology seems to have answers to most of the ... Continue Reading

How To Host Your First AirBNB Guest Like A Pro

Over half a million people around the world host guests on AirBNB. And it isn’t hard to see why. AirBNB hosts can make a great chunk of extra cash and meet some cool new people. Some even make a decent living, hosting guests at multiple properties year-round. Have you ever thought about getting in on the action? You should! But beware: there are millions of properties on Airbnb. From igloos to treehouses to geodesic domes, it is safe to say you aren't likely to win on originality ... Continue Reading
Lost your keys partying? Our key duplication kiosk can help.

How To Survive A Hangover Disaster

We have all been there a time or two. Disoriented. Head pounding. “What happened last night?!” As we are constantly looking for ways to help our customers--even the ones who drink too much on occasion--we thought we’d poll our team for the worst morning-after stories and we discovered that the worst hangovers typically accompany a loss of one of three items—your phone, your wallet/purse and, of course, your keys. This holy trinity proves once and for all that not all hangov... Continue Reading