How to Prevent Lost Boat Keys

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At one point or another, we’ve all lost our keys. With any luck, someone is home to let you in or maybe you had to go through the ordeal of dealing with a locksmith. If you have, you know what that experience is like. Worse, maybe you’ve lost your car keys. There’s no feeling like being stranded! But let’s up the ante a little bit here. Let’s get into a real nightmare scenario that’ll put you into a cold sweat.

You just dropped your boat keys into the water.

Horrible thought, right? Suddenly, you are imagining a rehash of Gilligan’s Island where your boat floats off onto some unreachable small piece of land, trying to construct a working radio out of coconuts.

Whether you are stranded on the dock or on the open water, no one wants to be in this terrible situation. Your best bet is prevention: solve the problem before it happens so you aren’t stuck trying to staff a scuba investigation.

Don’t call a locksmith

I can see the confused look on your face already. Why not call a locksmith? How else are you going to get this boat started? Well, for starters, if you’re good with a screwdriver there are ways…

Barring that, we’re going to get to what you can do to get your boat started without calling a locksmith. But, here’s why you shouldn’t. It’s easily the most unnecessarily expensive option when trying to get out of your current jam. Not only will you be left waiting for the locksmith to arrive, you’ll pay quite a bit for whatever replacement solution the locksmith brings because labor will be added on. You may also find yourself in a situation where the entire switch gets replaced.

Get a duplicate boat key made

Seems obvious, right? But going through your boat manufacturer to get a duplicate boat key made is a chore. They can take weeks to get you a new key, and they’ll likely charge a fortune. KeyMe can scan most boat keys from any kiosk nationwide. Bring your boat key to a KeyMe kiosk, create a duplicate on demand and have it shipped to your door (or dock) within 2-3 business days, without needing the original present to copy. The game changer is being able to save key data digitally, so that the key can always be duplicated. So even if your copy happens to be fish food right about now, you can still get a new one.

Get a floating keychain

This relatively cheap investment will keep your keys from getting lost if you drop them into the water. It’s a solution to one specific scenario, but anything helps. Granted, a floating keychain won’t do anything if you simply misplace your keys and can’t remember where they are.

Give a duplicate boat key to a trusted slip neighbor

If you share space with someone you trust, give them one of the duplicate keys you made at a KeyMe kiosk so there’s always a spare nearby. Better yet, use the KeyMe app to text or email a copy of your key to a trusted friend. That way, even if you are not around, you can provide access to your boat anytime!

KeyMe prevents lockouts

The best solution is prevention. Don’t get stuck in a position where you’re debating jumping into the waters around your boat to fish out your keys. Find the nearest KeyMe kiosk, create a duplicate, and save your key data for future use. A way out of a frustrating situation is only a drive away to a kiosk. Don’t wait. Duplicate your boat keys today and have peace of mind knowing you’re prepared for any situation.

Get a duplicate boat key made now and prevent a huge hassle later. Find out if your boat is supported today!

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