How To Prevent Lost Motorcycle Keys

Picture this: stranded in the rain. Can't find your keys. What do you do?

Picture this: stranded in the rain. Lost motorcycle keys. What do you do?

The wide open highway. Devil without a cause. Let’s face it; motorcycles are absurdly cool and few things compare. But some days, try as you might, you look less like James Dean and more like Rick Moranis.

Never is this more true than when you have lost your motorcycle keys.

Lost motorcycle keys provide a whole host of inconveniences. Not only can you not start your motorcycle and get where you need to go, but replacing it can cost hundreds of dollars.

What a nightmare.

Luckily, we live in an age of convenience that let’s us do nearly anything on demand. All it takes is a little pre-planning and the problems that used to ruin our days can become a thing of the past. Does that sound like hyperbole? Well, then, you aren’t familiar with how KeyMe can help in the event of a lockout.

But, before we get to the good stuff, let’s look at how losing your motorcycle keys typically goes.

How lost motorcycle keys can go

Your first impulse might be to contact your dealer (assuming you bought it new) to get another key made. Unfortunately, that might be easier said than done. When you lose your motorcycle keys, you’re not just losing the key that starts the bike. You’ll also lose access to the seat lock, fuel tank, helmet lock, and fork lock. In order to get another key made, you’ll need to provide your dealer with the key code that matches your vehicle. The bad news is that the key code is often stamped on the key. You know where this is going. That’s not to say you’re totally out of luck. Some motorcycles do have the key code printed somewhere on the body of the bike. It could be on the seat lock, on the fork lock housing, or under the gas cap. Barring that, if you are in possession of the VIN number and have a proof of ownership, you may still be able to get a duplicate made. However, if you lack any of the identifying information, you’re out of luck.

Obviously, it’s much more difficult if you bought your motorcycle used. If contacting a dealer isn’t an option, then you’re basically left having to call a locksmith. A key may be able to be successfully made, but because many modern motorcycles have electronic anti-theft security features built into their keys, it may prove difficult or impossible for a locksmith to create a new key that works properly. And if they can, it can cost an arm and a leg.

Why you shouldn’t do that

There’s potential for a lot of lost time using these traditional solutions. As stated, there are no guarantees of successfully getting working keys from either your dealer or a locksmith. If you can’t find the proper identifying information, you’re out of luck. If your locksmith can’t match the electronic anti-theft measures, you’ve now spent time and money on a fix that didn’t work anyway. Both of these solutions are expensive and inconvenient. Assuming your motorcycle is your only method of transportation, getting to the dealer will be an added difficulty that will cost you more money if you don’t have a friend that can come pick you up.

A locksmith is always an expensive solution. This is especially true if you need to make a late night call  outside of regular business hours. With no way to access any aspect of your motorcycle, most of all getting the thing started, you’re willing to spend a lot of money out of desperation. But you don’t have to. By preventing a lockout with one convenient solution, you can save money in the long run and get spare motorcycle keys delivered to your door. That’s the KeyMe solution.


The convenience of prevention

Your local KeyMe kiosk  can scan your motorcycle key, read the transponder ID and get a copy shipped to you in a matter of minutes for a fraction of the cost a locksmith or dealership charges. Once you order your key, it can be saved to the cloud so that, if you lose your spare keys, you can order new ones right from our free app. All you need to do is take your motorcycle keys to a KeyMe kiosk, follow the prompts for copying the key information, and then watch the mail for your spare key. You can make a copy to keep as a spare right then and there. From then on, you can return to any KeyMe kiosk and make another copy as needed without needing to bring the original key.

Keep your spare in a safe place in your home so you never have to worry about lost motorcycle keys again. If you lose your spare, all you need to do is get to a KeyMe kiosk and get another copy made. It’s that simple. With KeyMe, you can forget all about expensive locksmith services or going back and forth in frustration with your vehicle dealership. Give yourself some peace of mind and visit your local KeyMe kiosk today to copy your motorcycle keys.

Wanna see if your bike is supported? We’ll check it for you before you head to a kiosk. Click the link below!

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