How to Prevent Lost RV Keys

Avoid Lost RV Keys


Sometimes life hits you with a double whammy–when problem that, on its own, would be disruptive enough to your life gets compounded. Think about the last time you got locked out of your car. Pretty frustrating right? But believe it or not, as bad as lost car keys are, it could get worse.

Lost RV keys. Now that’s worse.

Think about it: you are on vacation with your family. Not only are you stuck in one place, but your plan for lodging is as lost as your keychain. Not to mention the separation from all your earthly possessions. What a nightmare!

Clearly, you want to do everything you can to prevent a situation like this from happening. Life happens, but with a little preparation, you can avoid that feeling of “Now what?” Here are some things you should not do and what you should do in order to prevent an RV lockout.

Don’t separate your keys

Going back to the aforementioned scenario of keeping your keys separate, that’s not something you want to do. RVs are pretty unique vehicles considering they are basically a house and a car in one. Keys for the hitch, keys for the door, keys for the ignition; there are plenty to keep track of. While you might be tempted to keep door locks on one ring and driving keys on another, you’re just increasing the chances of a mix up. What good is being able to drive the RV if you can’t get into it?

Don’t pry any locks

If you have the ignition key in your possession, but you’re locked out of the RV, you may have the desire to break in. Don’t do this. Causing damage to your door will just lead to more expenses and headaches. Not only is driving with a broken door extremely dangerous, but it can expose you to additional threats like loss or theft.

Don’t call a locksmith

“Don’t use a locksmith? Don’t break the lock? What should I do then?” We’re about to get to that, but hear me out. When it comes to lockouts, prevention is the key (get it?). There is a simple reason for this: whether from a break-in through a broken door or the hefty cost to a locksmith, lockouts are always more expensive after the fact. Locksmiths are expensive and that expense will only compound if they need to address multiple locks and your ignition. Fees will also vary depending on the time of day you have your lockout. Being locked out in the middle of the night will require a locksmith who actually makes overnight calls and they won’t come cheap, especially if you are stuck out on the open road, far from civilization.

Okay, so what should you do to prevent this nightmare?

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Get spare keys for family members or bunk mates

Since the average RV lockout happens while campers are already on the road, it pays to get spare copies made for your fellow travelers. Only problem? The manufacturer charges an arm and a leg for each one.

Fortunately, KeyMe copies thousands of vehicle makes and models for a fraction of the manufacturer or dealership cost. You can even buy two keys and get a third one free, so your entire team has access in case the worst happens.

Keep spares in your vehicle

Assuming that you’re traveling with your RV and are keeping your car hitched to the back, your vehicle is actually a good place to keep a spare set of RV keys. After you’ve duplicated your RV keys at a KeyMe kiosk, keep a set in the glove compartment of your car in case of emergency. Then, you’ll always have a spare within reach.

Alternatively, some people opt to keep their spare keys in a magnetic compartment that’s somewhat hidden along the body of the RV. The security of this practice is questionable and if someone discovers this compartment, nothing is stopping them from stealing whatever they please. We’d advise keeping the spares somewhere more secure.

Always have a backup

If you are like many of our RV customers, you only use your RV a few months out of the year. The rest of the time, your home away from home is parked safely in storage. Unfortunately, this often leads to misplaced keys.

You can lost RV keys easily by saving them to the cloud at any KeyMe kiosk. When you purchase a spare, your key is automatically saved to your digital keychain. If you ever lose your keys, just return to the kiosk or jump on the mobile app. You’ll have a spare delivered to your door in 2-3 business days.

Prevent lost RV keys

The KeyMe app and local key kiosks provide you with peace of mind. Make a copy of your keys as soon as possible, and then stop worrying about lockouts for good. With competitive pricing, around the clock access, and secure backups, KeyMe can make the nightmare of losing your RV keys a thing of the past.

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