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Download the KeyMe mobile app to save your key to our secure platform using your smartphone camera and get a spare key delivered right to your door. Once your key is saved, you can save a credit card, allowing you to print a spare from any kiosk using just a fingerprint so you’ll never get locked out again. You can even text or email a key to a friend in seconds. Do it all with these helpful guides and the KeyMe app or, if you have further questions, use the chat pane below!

Parents Coming To Town? 5 Tips To Get Ready For Company!

Your apartment is your sanctuary. Your place of refuge from the hard knock world outside those well-dressed, crown-molded windows. A small nook you’ve carved out for you, yourself and only those worthy enough to enter and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Nothing can burst the As-Is section of IKEA bubble you dwell so comfortably in… nothing except a visit from the parentals. When your parents decide to “stop by” for a few days, the scramble to make your place parent-proof and the ... Continue Reading

Home Alone: 6 Free Safety Apps Help Kids in Case of Emergency

It’s not something parents like to think about, but emergencies can and do happen. Do your kids know what to do in case of emergency? You may have a backup plan in place for situations where you may be delayed in getting home to your family because you’re at the office late or traffic is horrendous. But what if the backup plan fails? Or your phone battery dies while you’re stuck on the interstate and you can’t be reached? If your kids have access to these six safety apps--and a plan ... Continue Reading

4 Stunningly Simple Apps to Get You Organized

We can all get a little scatterbrained from time to time. Lost keys, wallets, and a variety of other items can derail your life for weeks or more. Fortunately, a few apps and tools can help you out when you need to locate a lost item.  Here are four to help you stay organized, keep track of your stuff, and get out of trouble when you misplace anything important in the future.   Use Your Phone’s Camera App to Catalog Important Items Every smartphone comes with a camera app so you ... Continue Reading

How To Host Your First AirBNB Guest Like A Pro

Over half a million people around the world host guests on AirBNB. And it isn’t hard to see why. AirBNB hosts can make a great chunk of extra cash and meet some cool new people. Some even make a decent living, hosting guests at multiple properties year-round. Have you ever thought about getting in on the action? You should! But beware: there are millions of properties on Airbnb. From igloos to treehouses to geodesic domes, it is safe to say you aren't likely to win on originality ... Continue Reading