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Where can I get a key copied? Find a KeyMe kiosk near you! Out of all the questions we get about the KeyMe service, by far our favorites are the ones asking where customers can find our kiosks. We love answering these because the answer, most often, is to point the person to a trusted retailer just around the corner from them. With hundreds of locations across the country, KeyMe prides ourselves on being available around the clock and around the corner, inside retailers you trust. So keep your eyes peeled–we are probably coming to your hometown soon. That is, if we aren’t there already! Check out the maps and guides available below, visit the kiosk page to search all kiosks by zip code, or use the chat pane below. See you soon!

KeyMe Comes to Denver: Where to Find Us

  We’re all familiar with Silicon Valley and how the area is synonymous with tech. But, they don’t have a monopoly on innovation. More cities across the United States are starting to see tech booms of their own for a variety of reasons. One of those cities is Denver, Colorado. For several years now, Denver has been considered one of the premier cities for startups and entrepreneurs looking to get a new business off the ground. A tech-savvy population and a burgeoning tech ... Continue Reading

KeyMe Comes to San Diego: Where to Find Us

When writing about technology it can be easy to divorce the subject from what we’re really talking about: people. Technology gets developed to improve people’s lives. It also makes them passionate and makes them more productive members of the workforce. Inspiring people to do their best is kind of the magic X factor when it comes to startup culture. Getting enough like minded people to fill a company is impressive. But filling a city with enough talented tech workers to create an entire ... Continue Reading

Where Can I Get A Key Copied? Closer Than You Think!

Picture this: You're standing on you doorstep. You've got a full trunk load of groceries balanced on your forearms. You're juggling your cup of coffee and the mail you just grabbed, and you reach for your house keys. After a quick inventory of your belongings, you realize that you've lost your keys. It would be a pain to wait for a locksmith to let you back in your house. Probably expensive, too. And who even knows where to get duplicate keys anymore? The nearest hardware store isn't ... Continue Reading