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Can I copy Do Not Duplicate keys? How secure is the Cloud? Can I share keys with anyone? These are good questions that any KeyMe customer should have answers to. We strive to provide detailed and complete answers to these questions here. But if you find yourself still confused, KeyMe’s award-winning customer service team is happy to help. Just chat with them using the blue Chat widget at the bottom of your screen, or send an email to support@key.me for more information!

Can A Traditional Key Locksmith Crack A Safe?

    There are all kinds of instances that might require hiring someone to unlock a safe for you. Perhaps the lock is malfunctioning, you’ve forgotten the combination, or maybe the key has broken in the lock; whatever the cause, you need access to the contents inside. But who do you hire for the job? Naturally, your first inclination is probably to call a locksmith... but what if your safe doesn’t have a key? Can a traditional key locksmith unlock it for you?  The ... Continue Reading

Where Can I Get A Key Copied? Closer Than You Think!

Picture this: You're standing on you doorstep. You've got a full trunk load of groceries balanced on your forearms. You're juggling your cup of coffee and the mail you just grabbed, and you reach for your house keys. After a quick inventory of your belongings, you realize that you've lost your keys. It would be a pain to wait for a locksmith to let you back in your house. Probably expensive, too. And who even knows where to get duplicate keys anymore? The nearest hardware store isn't ... Continue Reading
Do Not Duplicate keys

The Myth of ‘Do Not Duplicate’ Keys

You have probably seen keys that are stamped 'Do Not Duplicate.' We want to set the record straight on this very important issue in our industry and offer some more secure options. Myth: “Do Not Duplicate” keys are more secure than regular keys. The first thing to note here is that the 'Do Not Duplicate' marking is meaningless.  It is just text stamped on a key. Nothing about the key is more secure or different from a regular key.  In fact, typically keys stamped “DND” are ... Continue Reading