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Kiosk Category Banner Our automated key copy kiosks are a smart, convenient way to copy keys and solve frustrating lockouts. Use the KeyMe kiosk to instantly copy keys, save keys onto your mobile KeyMe app or retrieve a spare using just a fingerprint. KeyMe supports the majority of key types including home, office, mailbox, padlock, Mul-T-Lock and select Medeco keys. Have a more rare key style? Don’t worry! If the kiosk can’t copy it, our key experts can cut it in our offices and ship it to your door. Check out the stunning features on our key copier kiosk and look for the hundreds of kiosks available near you. Find the closest kiosk by visiting www.key.me/kiosk

KeyMe locksmith in a box

How Our Locksmith In A Box Can Protect You From Lockouts

If you’ve ever been locked out of your house or car, you surely recall the sinking feeling in your stomach once you accepted the fact that you did indeed misplace your keys. The realization is accompanied by feelings of vulnerability and frustration. But trust us: as bad as you feel now, as soon as you get back in, you’ll want to prevent this from ever happening again. Enter the KeyMe locksmith in a box. KeyMe allows you to save digital copies of your keys in case you ever get locked ... Continue Reading

KeyMe Key Copying Kiosks Get Technology Update

Our new key copying kiosks are faster, more accurate, and more autonomous than ever before, can support thousands of new key types, and have several exciting new features, including some firsts in the kiosk space. On the digital imaging side, as our original key duplication kiosks aged and spent more and more time in the retail environment, we identified a number of hardware constraints that were limiting our camera’s ability to identify certain keys, primarily due to accumulated dirt, ... Continue Reading

How Will the Touchscreen Evolve in 2017?

It isn’t hyperbole to say the touchscreen is the dominant interface of both the present and foreseeable future. Until we reach our sci-fi goals of holograms that respond dynamically to touch (and are the main interface of our intergalactic battleships, naturally) the touchscreen will remain the leader in the market of input device technology. Touchscreens power nearly everything we interact with on a daily basis. Obviously, our phones are the biggest example. Tablets and smartwatches make ... Continue Reading

Where Can I Get A Key Copied? Closer Than You Think!

Picture this: You're standing on you doorstep. You've got a full trunk load of groceries balanced on your forearms. You're juggling your cup of coffee and the mail you just grabbed, and you reach for your house keys. After a quick inventory of your belongings, you realize that you've lost your keys. It would be a pain to wait for a locksmith to let you back in your house. Probably expensive, too. And who even knows where to get duplicate keys anymore? The nearest hardware store isn't ... Continue Reading

10 Tech Trends That Will Make Waves in 2017

The prediction game is tough. This is especially true when it comes to the tech world. Nothing seems as bewildering as seeing a bunch of Millenials wearing Snapchat’s (sorry, now just Snap) Spectacles when it was only a year or so ago that the public rejected Google Glass, which was an even more robust take on smart glasses. With the success of Spectacles and early rumors of Apple possibly getting in on the smart glasses action, 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year. Judging by ... Continue Reading

The Rise of AI and Deep Learning

What if tools you used on a daily basis became more intelligent? What if your phone could actually think? Through advancing pattern recognition algorithms, it can know what it “sees” through the camera and label it appropriately. Your keyboard can predict what emojis make the most sense to go along with the words you’re typing. It sounds kind of strange, right? You might even be thinking about Skynet from the Terminator series right now. While that particular dystopia is far off, ... Continue Reading

Kiosk Brain: How Our Key Copying Machines Learn

<<Find Your Key Copying Kiosk Now And See For Yourself!>> You may have used one of our key copying machines before, but did you know that these machines operate in a very similar fashion to the human brain? When scanning and digitally decoding your house keys, our kiosks use two primary processes that mirror how the human brain functions - computer vision and neural networks. Our computer vision technology allows the kiosk to scan and recognize your key using ... Continue Reading