How To Prevent Lost Snowmobile Keys


We’ve all had those moments where we look back on them and share them with friends as an example of an absurd situation that you can laugh at now. Of course, the catch is it usually takes months or years to get to laughing about it because of how much time and money that little anecdote cost you in the moment.

And if you’ve ever lost snowmobile keys, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

If you’ve never lost the keys to your snowmobile, consider yourself lucky, because it is shockingly easy to do. If you are out in the woods, powering through deep snow and you drop your keys, chances are they’ll be pretty tough to find again. But more often, snowmobile keys are lost after a move or a long summer season while the sleds were packed away in storage.

The absurd part starts when you try to replace these keys. A quick search for lost snowmobile keys brings up a list of snowmobile enthusiast forums from 5 or 10 years ago. Take this person’s situation from 2004, for example. He turned to the forum because when he called his dealer, they told him they could match the key, but only if he brought the sled to the dealership.

That’s right. The dealer could only help if this person figured out a way to transport it to the dealership. How should he get it there when it won’t start? Carry it on his back? Lift it into the trunk of the car?

snowmobile truckWhat’s even more absurd is that, while many dealers can only help if they have the ignition switch in front of them, some manufacturers, like Polaris, only make a few different keys, leaving many in this situation borrowing a key from another snowmobile owner instead of getting a suitable replacement.

If these solutions seem unsatisfactory to you, you are not alone. We at KeyMe feel the same way, and we want to help. If you ever find yourself in this situation, here are some things not to do and, alternatively, what you should do to prevent this from happening.

Don’t call the dealer

Seriously. “Bring the snowmobile in and we’ll see if we can come up with a key.” If that’s how one defines “helpful” and “great customer service” well…let’s just say we’re sorry you’ve been treated so poorly and you should expect more. Assuming your dealer can deduce what model snowmobile you have and make you a key without needing to haul it in, it will still be an expensive and time consuming process. After all, you may find the key is incorrect once you get back to your vehicle to try it.

Don’t override the ignition with force

It is possible to get around needing a key. Each snowmobile is different, but many models have the ability to just pull the ignition without needing the key to actually start it. Using force to get past any security features is ill advised is because it then leaves your snowmobile open to easy theft if it’s not under your watchful eye. The temptation will be strong, but don’t make a quick fix that you can’t undo.

Lost Keys In SnowDon’t rely on a locksmith

Locksmiths are expensive to begin with. Their rates only go up when there is some sort of hardship involved. Need to call a locksmith in the middle of the night? Big expense. Stuck somewhere in a bunch of snow and it’s pretty difficult to reach you? Oh boy. Prepare to pay. Don’t expect any kind of quick resolution either. The locksmith will have to figure out how to duplicate your key or they’re going to need to force the ignition. Not exactly a win/win situation.

Have no fear! There is a simple, cost effective way to avoid the headaches of lost snowmobile keys. All it takes is a quick ride to a local convenience store whenever you get a free moment.

KeyMe has you covered

What you may not know is that KeyMe, which has made duplicating house keys as simple as taking a picture and uploading it through an app, now has the ability to duplicate different kinds of vehicle keys. All you need to do is bring your snowmobile (or car, boat, tractor) keys to a KeyMe kiosk and follow the on-screen instructions. Now you have your key data saved securely and usable on demand. Your spare snowmobile key will arrive within 2 business days, right to your door. If you ever lose your spare, return for more copies as you need them, or order more from the app.

Keep your spare snowmobile keys in your car glove box or some other reliable location that you can get to easily. Assuming your vehicle is never too far from your snowmobile if you ride on your property or take trips, you’ll never be without a spare. You may want to add a spare to your car or house key ring, or give them to a trusted friend, family member or riding companion.

Prevent lockouts. It’s the easiest way to avoid the expensive problem of solving lockouts after the fact. KeyMe offers the best way to do just that.

Want to see if your vehicle key is supported? Find your local kiosk or click below for more information!

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