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At KeyMe, our goal is to always operate at the speed of our customers. Because millions of people need a locksmith or a new key each and every day, we need to be where you are, always offering new and improved features, functions and services. We are rolling out hundreds of kiosks to towns and cities across the US all the time. So stay up to date on any kiosks popping up near you. We also want to keep you up-to-date on other KeyMe news, so keep it here for up-to-the-minute info on new features, key styles, fundraisers, and other cool stuff.

Be The First To Check Out The KeyMe Ad Campaign

Are you a member of the media? Just want to download the ads / videos and browse them on your own? Great! Download the full Zip file here! This week, KeyMe is launching an immersive, bi-coastal ad campaign across New York and San Francisco. We are so excited to unveil our latest creative direction and, while the purpose of this campaign is to let people know they can find our key duplication kiosks right around the corner, we thought we'd give our current blog readers (that's you!) a ... Continue Reading

KeyMe Now Copies RFID Access Cards and Fobs

If you use one of the items above to access your home, office, parking garage or gym, you know that they can be a little hard to find. If your building does provide spares, they are likely overpriced and can take weeks to arrive. And all you want is an extra key for the dog walker! As your total access solution, KeyMe set out to fix this problem. Our latest kiosks offer you the ability to order copies of your RFID access cards and fobs for a fraction of the cost of your office security ... Continue Reading

The Keys to Super Bowl LII

  This Sunday, February 4th is the annual Super Bowl, America’s greatest sporting and entertainment spectacle. Well over 100 million people are expected to tune in this weekend to watch the New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. To get into the spirit, KeyMe is currently offering 50% off Super Bowl team keys. Whether you are an Eagles or Patriots fan, you can support your team for less when you use Promo Code: SBLII at checkout. ... Continue Reading
Robotic chef

Meet Moley, The Robotic Chef

As anyone who has ever worked in the restaurant industry can tell you, working in a kitchen isn’t for the faint of heart. You work long hours, the heat is unbearable, customers expect the food to magically appear in front of them in minutes, and you need to display grace under pressure (to put it lightly) dealing with your equally stressed coworkers. It’s a demanding job to be sure. Some days it can feel like you have to be a machine in order to fend off the exhaustion and keep up. ... Continue Reading

The Rise of AI and Deep Learning

What if tools you used on a daily basis became more intelligent? What if your phone could actually think? Through advancing pattern recognition algorithms, it can know what it “sees” through the camera and label it appropriately. Your keyboard can predict what emojis make the most sense to go along with the words you’re typing. It sounds kind of strange, right? You might even be thinking about Skynet from the Terminator series right now. While that particular dystopia is far off, ... Continue Reading

KeyMe Raises $15M Series C Round to Fund Expansion of Next Generation Key Copying

Kiosks Revolutionize Costly Locksmith Services by Enabling Customers to Copy Home, Office and Automotive Keys and Save ‘Digital Copies’ of Keys in the Cloud September 15, 2016, New York, NY – KeyMe, the rapidly growing company that is revolutionizing the locksmith industry, today announced a new $15M Series C round of funding led by QuestMark Partners.  This follows a $20M Series B round of funding in December 2015, bringing total funding to $45M.  All previous investors participated ... Continue Reading
Tally the Inventory Retail Robot

Your Friendly Neighborhood Retail Robots

  Whether you’ve purchased your groceries with the aid of a machine or had one duplicate your keys, retail robots are popping up everywhere to handle common tasks quickly and efficiently. Machines aid our retail experience in numerous ways, and more are coming than you may realize. Let’s take a look at the most exciting breakthroughs in retail technology. Retail Robot Helpers Traditionally you ask humans for in-store assistance. Many times, however, it is machines fetching ... Continue Reading

Can Marital Status or Time of Day Determine if You Will Lose Your Keys?

It’s the worst feeling: You’re standing at your door, digging around in your pockets for those elusive keys, only to realize they’re nowhere to be found. If you have ever stood on your welcome mat in full panic mode, you may be wondering “who does this?!” But this nightmare scenario plays out every day, in doorways across the country. In KeyMe’s home city of NYC, for example, 1.9 million people get locked out every year. While everyone gets locked out at one time or ... Continue Reading
key duplication near Dallas @ Tom Thumb

KeyMe Kiosks Arrive at Tom Thumbs for Key Duplication near Dallas, TX

May 12, 2015 New York, NY – KeyMe, the rapidly growing company that is revolutionizing the key duplication industry, today announced an agreement with Tom Thumb that will place the company’s new retail kiosks at select locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The kiosks make frustrating and expensive lockouts a thing of the past by enabling customers to safely store a “digital copy” of their keys in the cloud and easily create a spare copy at their local Tom Thumb in under 30 seconds. ... Continue Reading
Our Next-Generation Key Duplication Machine

Our New “Locksmith in a Box” Next Generation Kiosk

We have officially launched our next generation "locksmith in a box" key duplication kiosk!   These next generation kiosks are able to copy car keys, both with transponder chips and those without.  In addition to car keys, we can now support most home, office and mailbox keys as well! This is an industry game-changer as this is the first time car keys have ever been able to be copied at a self-service key duplication machine. Historically, people have been forced to go to a dealer and ... Continue Reading