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At KeyMe, our goal is to always operate at the speed of our customers. Because millions of people need a locksmith or a new key each and every day, we need to be where you are, always offering new and improved features, functions and services. We are rolling out hundreds of kiosks to towns and cities across the US all the time. So stay up to date on any kiosks popping up near you. We also want to keep you up-to-date on other KeyMe news, so keep it here for up-to-the-minute info on new features, key styles, fundraisers, and other cool stuff.

KeyMe + FlatRate Moving

Moving can be a stressful time. There is so much to do: you have to get keys made, pack your boxes, transfer your cable, change your address on all your bills, buy a hilarious welcome mat. There is A LOT to do. But moving doesn't have to be so bad! With KeyMe key copying technology, you can cross "making spare keys" off your list of moving tasks. Just take your keys to a nearby key duplication kiosk and print out a spare. Save your keys at the kiosk or from the key maker app in case you ... Continue Reading

Ensuring the Security of Your Keys

Your key is just like a password. Instead of numbers and letters, the depth and spacing of the key’s teeth control access. This information can be recorded or copied by anyone with access to the key. To protect yourself, only share keys with people you trust. Assume that anyone with access to your key can use or copy it. An article on Wired this morning highlighted the danger of letting your keys out of your hands and displaying them publicly given the potential for thieves to replicate ... Continue Reading
KeyMe's Key Duplication Technology Team

KeyMe Key Duplication Technology Earns $7.8M Series A

We are very excited to share that the KeyMe key duplication technology has drawn enough excitement to close a $7.8M Series A from White Star Capital, Battery Ventures, Ravin Gandhi, 7-Ventures LLC (investment subsidiary of 7-Eleven), and a number of initial seed investors. The funding will allow us to push our product innovation further, expand our team with more amazing talent, and fundamentally change the way millions of people manage and copy keys.  While we scale, the KeyMe team ... Continue Reading

KeyMe Partners with Maid-booking App, GetMaid

Here at KeyMe, we're all about simplicity. How something can be improved...what's the better option...how will that help our customers? Recently, our love of helping people's daily experiences has been directed towards partnering with the new, innovative maid-booking app, Get Maid! As the makers of the KeyMe key duplicator app for iPhone and Android, we are always on the lookout for useful services and partnerships that can improve the lives of our customers. That's why we are so excited ... Continue Reading