Our New “Locksmith in a Box” Next Generation Kiosk

  • Our Next-Generation Key Duplication Machine

We have officially launched our next generation “locksmith in a box” key duplication kiosk!   These next generation kiosks are able to copy car keys, both with transponder chips and those without.  In addition to car keys, we can now support most home, office and mailbox keys as well!

This is an industry game-changer as this is the first time car keys have ever been able to be copied at a self-service key duplication machine. Historically, people have been forced to go to a dealer and often pay hundreds of dollars for a replacement or duplicate.

This new technology allows us to scan car keys at the kiosk, read the transponder, and ship a copy (with tracking code) in under two days. Prices start at $19.99 for non-transponder keys and $64.99 for transponder keys.

These next generation “locksmith in a box” kiosks are also integrated with our popular and free mobile key copying app, creating a seamless multi-platform experience – keys can be saved, accessed and then printed at your local kiosk or via mail. Our iOS mobile app has hundreds of thousands of customers storing their keys and a new Android app is coming soon.

To access a digitally-saved key at a kiosk, it just takes a fingerprint scan to verify identity, at which point any saved key can be easily printed in under 30 seconds. These saved keys can also be shared with family and friends via email at both the kiosk and through the mobile app. This technology ensures that you never have to fork over hundreds to a locksmith again!

Additional kiosk features include a completely redesigned user interface and more personalization options such as key skins featuring NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and major college sports team and popular characters including Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader and Hello Kitty; and new custom designs, including a bottle opener key and an ultra-light high performance key. Keys start at $3.99 and vary based on the type of key.

Lastly, our advanced digital imaging technology resets keys to their factory specifications, adjusting for wear and tear and resulting in a key that’s more accurate than the original, another great value-add for you in addition to the ease of convenience.

Our “locksmith in a box” kiosks are the most secure way to copy keys, utilizing biometrics and other user verification processes including CCTV both in the kiosk and via our retail partners, to ensure the highest safety and control in the industry. Furthermore, we do not store personal information, such as addresses, which could be used to link key data with a location or lock.