What Getting Locked Out Feels Like

Getting locked out is THE. WORST.

Seriously, we wouldn’t wish this mess on our worst enemy.

Baby needs a place to make keys


It can make you feel dumb.


Forrest Gump needs a place to make a key


Or disconnected.


No WIFI, no fun


You might even consider something drastic.


Don't saw your door handle. Think ahead with KeyMe!


Getting locked out of your car is even worse!


Dawson locked his keys in the car


And it always seems to happen when you are late for work.


Im late for business


It could be how you handle your keys.


Austin Powers


But at the end of the day, everyone makes mistakes.


Steve Harvey


The important thing is you do better next time.




With KeyMe’s key duplication app, getting locked out of the house┬ácan be a thing of the past. Stop looking for places to get keys made. Just save your key in the cloud and, if you get locked out, use a fingerprint to print a new one at our key copying kiosk!


awesome baby


They are available at many retailers or places that copy keys near you. Find one now!


A plan comes together


Don’t get locked out. Get KeyMe!


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