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KeyMe now copies RFID key cards, proximity fobs and RFID stickers for your smartphone. Just hold your current fob or access card to the kiosk sensor and order your copies. If you are concerned about rules governing these types of keys at your home or office, please consult your lease or office manual before copying.

KeyMe Now Copies RFID Access Cards and Fobs

If you use one of the items above to access your home, office, parking garage or gym, you know that they can be a little hard to find. If your building does provide spares, they are likely overpriced and can take weeks to arrive. And all you want is an extra key for the dog walker! As your total access solution, KeyMe set out to fix this problem. Our latest kiosks offer you the ability to order copies of your RFID access cards and fobs for a fraction of the cost of your office security ... Continue Reading