Sharing Is Caring: A Step-By-Step Guide To Sharing Keys with KeyMe!

KeyMe offers many solutions for bringing old-fashioned keys into the digital age. But one often overlooked feature is the ability to send a key to friends, family members or anyone else you want for printing at one of our key duplication kiosks.

There are several scenarios in which sharing a copy of your key with a friend can bail you out of a jam or even make you some extra cash.

By the end of this, you’ll question why it took you so long for someone to come up with this technology in the first place!

Home Emergencies: Picture this: you’ve left for a week-long trip. You’re wheels up, drink in hand, full-blown vacation mode. Then it hits you: you left your kitchen window wide open. You oscillate between panic and frustration so hard you almost spill your Mai Thai. That is, until you remember you can send your key to a trusted family member or neighbor. SAVED! Now you can get back to relaxin’ while they handle the rest.

Lockouts: When our customers get locked out (which happens to everyone, we assure you), many quickly rule out the idea of being rescued by a roommate who is out of town for the week, or siblings that live across the globe (or even across town).   

But you don’t have to. There’s an app for that. And the best part is that your savior won’t even have to leave the couch! Just have them download the app and send a key scan your way. Or you can meet them in person and take their key to a kiosk. Many kiosks are even available 24 hours.  

Visitors: Did you forget your parents were coming into town? Do your out-of-town friends decide to visit at the last minute, leaving you with way-too-little notice for an impromptu soiree? No need to leave work early or skip your last class to meet them or make keys. Send them a scan! You can fulfill all of your prior obligations while your guests get settled.

Air BNB, CouchSurfers & Vendors: When we said this could make you money by sharing keys, we meant it! Today, many vendors and small business owners use the KeyMe app to send keys to field representatives who need them. AirBNB and CouchSurfing hosts can share keys without even being in town. Maid services can get key scans from their customers. Real Estate agents can quickly share keys with colleagues. The applications are endless!


KeyMe Sharing Process Infographic


Now that you have seen what we can do, check out this simple step-by-step guide. The app will explain the process to you as you go but, if you prefer, you can download this handy guide for your reference. Now let’s get scanning!

Step 1: Get The App

Our key duplication app is compatible with iOS or Android Devices. As long as both you and your friend have either an iPhone or an Android, you’re good to go! Android users can download the app in Google Play, and iOS users can find it in the app store. Once you have the app, you can create your account by signing up via email or using Facebook. 

   colored-badges copy          App Store Badge

After you’ve completed the sign-up process, you’ll receive an email confirmation that prompts you to confirm your email address. Once this is all set, select “Scan Key” from the drop-down menu. This is when the magic happens.

Step 2:  Scan Your Key

To get started, remove your key from its ring and place on a blank white sheet of paper. Removing your key from the keychain is required to prevent what we call, ‘flyaway keys.’ This is where a person can potentially snap a quick photo of your key in hopes of saving and duplicating. We’ve purposely made it harder for folks looking to use our app for evil. No worries here, we’ve got your back!

If the app displays a red highlight, this just means you have to perfect your angle. A few turns in the right direction should do the trick. Also, it’s extremely helpful to allow your camera time to adjust before snapping the shot and initiating the scan to make sure you get a clear, in-focus image.

Screenshot at Apr 13 18-48-38



If your image is clear, and looks similar to the prototype on the left then you’re good to go! Your scan doesn’t have to look identical, however it should be clear and close enough to identify the cuts on your key.

Step 3:  Send your your key via Email or SMS

Once the key has gone through the analyzing stage, and is saved onto your digital key ring, your keys can be accepted or sent via email or text, and can only be confirmed on your mobile device. Simply tap your key and select Share Key.

Screenshot at Apr 13 18-51-04

If you’re accepting a shared key, you will receive an email or text with a link enclosed. Once you select the link, it’ll direct you to a page where you have to verify the device you’re using. Hold your finger on the device option until the pop-up menu appears.

In order to officially accept the key, you must confirm your phone number or email address. You can now share your key!

Now that your keys have been shared (or saved), you can locate a kiosk in your area by selecting “Kiosk” in the drop down menu on the home page. If you’re in no rush, but would like a few copies of your keys in case of an emergency, you can place a mail order directly from the app! Again, hassle free.

If you want a more detailed guide for sharing and saving keys, download our step-by-step guide. Scan, share and smile with the KeyMe key duplication app today!

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