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How To Share Your Keys

Have you ever left on a trip but, when you got to the airport, realized that you left your kitchen window open? You’d love to let your neighbor into your place, but if you go home, you’ll miss your flight. Mishaps like this happen every day. But at KeyMe, we are hoping to end this inconvenience by allowing you to share keys from your smartphone. Just save a key using the KeyMe app or at one of our kiosks, and you’ll be able to text or email it to a friend, who can use this scan to print a spare in seconds. Get this and other helpful tips using the guides below. Have further questions? Use the chat pane at the bottom of your screen!

Roommate Drama

How to Kill the Roommate Drama Before It Starts

We’ve all had them. We’ve all lived with them. You may have one in your house right now. Whether you currently live with roommates or just moved in into a new place, you probably know the hassle of roommate drama. Those more experienced than us tell us what to prepare for, warn us to set the rules and boundaries from the start and never share food. The list of commandments does not stop at ten. But this is the  digital age, where technology seems to have answers to most of the ... Continue Reading

The Murtaugh List: Things To Avoid If You Want to Become a Real Adult

Adulting is hard. Sometimes we just “can’t even”. How are you supposed to know if you're doing it right? Does your supervisor respect you even though you’ve clearly worn the same navy blue blazer to work for 3 days straight. Who has more than one blazer, anyway? Are your parents going to trust your life choices when you bring home your new 35-year-old boyfriend who beatboxes in a punk ska band? Absolutley not. The gang on "How I Met Your Mother" started the trend of creating ... Continue Reading

How To Host Your First AirBNB Guest Like A Pro

Over half a million people around the world host guests on AirBNB. And it isn’t hard to see why. AirBNB hosts can make a great chunk of extra cash and meet some cool new people. Some even make a decent living, hosting guests at multiple properties year-round. Have you ever thought about getting in on the action? You should! But beware: there are millions of properties on Airbnb. From igloos to treehouses to geodesic domes, it is safe to say you aren't likely to win on originality ... Continue Reading
Lost your keys partying? Our key duplication kiosk can help.

How To Survive A Hangover Disaster

We have all been there a time or two. Disoriented. Head pounding. “What happened last night?!” As we are constantly looking for ways to help our customers--even the ones who drink too much on occasion--we thought we’d poll our team for the worst morning-after stories and we discovered that the worst hangovers typically accompany a loss of one of three items—your phone, your wallet/purse and, of course, your keys. This holy trinity proves once and for all that not all hangov... Continue Reading