Winning: The Top 5 KeyMe Lockout Success Stories

Getting locked out is pretty devastating. So when you can solve a lockout without having to shell out for an expensive 24 hour locksmith, there is only one word to describe that…WINNING!

When KeyMe solves a lockout, our customers don’t just write us a pleasant note. They gush. They’re ecstatic. They call in to thank us personally. Solving lockouts makes us proud and reminds us why KeyMe was created. This week, we’re posting the Top 5 most inspiring notes we’ve received from our locked out customers. (We’ve edited a few of these at the request of our customers to protect their privacy.)

Don't call a 24 hour locksmith...have a friend scan a spare with KeyMe!


“Basically, one day I was locked out of my apartment and every single person I knew in the city was gone that weekend. I called my super and he was ALSO out of the city. I had to call a locksmith and fork over $250 dollars just to get into my apartment.

Humbled and irritated, I went online to try to search for a way to save a spare key at a local locksmith. I came across an advertisement for KeyMe and immediately signed up. I was pretty skeptical but I would try anything to prevent shelling out $250 again.

Three months later, my boyfriend and I were going out for brunch. We shut the door to our apartment and immediately realized neither one of us had a key. We were going to call the super but then realized that I had the locks changed the last time I locked myself out and there were no spare keys. We were both getting super stressed out and then I realized that I had signed up for keyme!!

My boyfriend bet me $100 dollars that the keyme app wouldn’t work and it was another scam I fell for on the apple store. But low and behold, the key worked!! The kiosk was super easy, user friendly, and fast . So not only did I save myself the $250 locksmith bill, but I made $100 bucks! Pretty sweet app.

I’ve forced all of my friends to sign up for it because it’s basically a necessity to people in the city living in apartments. I love this app and wish I was smart enough to have invented it myself.”



“KeyMe saved me big time last week! My husband and I went to Germany for our honeymoon. I booked my ticket in my new name, but my passport was still in my maiden name. I got onto the flight, and they told me I may not be let back into the country! Frantic, stressed, and in a foreign country for the first time, KeyMe rushed the keys to my dad in Los Angeles, where he was able to get into my home and send me my marriage license. I was so impressed with the swift service, great pricing, and convenience of KeyMe. I’m so thankful for your awesome service, phew!”

Your reaction when you save by not calling a 24-hour locksmith


“You guys saved Thanksgiving! I locked myself out of my apt on Thanksgiving morning, with 6 guests showing up in less than 2 hours. I used the “Delivery” function on the app, and CEO Greg Marsh personally delivered a key to my doorstep in under a half hour.  On a normal day, that incredible gesture would not have been necessary since KeyMe kiosks make it incredibly easy to procure a replacement key. I just needed the key right away. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of the service, and am here to sing its praises.   Do yourself a favor – put your key “in the cloud” with KeyMe, and never get locked out again. Thanks again Greg!”

Let your iphone be your 24-hour locksmith. Scan your keys!


“OMG thank you so much! I had almost forgotten that I had a key stored at the 7-Eleven kiosk, and was prepared to go sleep at my ex’s house. No way I was going to pay a locksmith $300 to come to my house at 11 pm. KeyMe you SAVED ME!!!”

Solve frustrating lockouts!


“This was so cool! I was out at a bar on the Lower East Side and had gotten pretty tipsy. I felt my pocket and immediately cringed. HOLY $#%& WHERE ARE MY KEYS? I still don’t know what happened to them. My buddies were looking all over the floor for the keys, but nobody could find them. Then I remembered the app. I pulled it out and showed everyone at the bar. They were totally amazed. The app brought up the nearest kiosk location right away, and I jumped in a cab. When I came back, everyone was like WHAT?!!? That’s so cool. I felt like James Bond. Ended up meeting a nice little girl that night too. Thanks KeyMe!”

Winning...Batman style!

There you have it. KeyMe is bringing people together…and also keeping them apart! We love helping out our great customers, but there’s no need to get teary eyed when KeyMe gets you out of a jam. Simple, effective, 24-7 key duplication service. That’s KeyMe.